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'Too many VW Group models end up pointlessly competing with each other'

OPINION New Volkswagen logo
Opinion 13 Oct, 2019

Volkswagen Group has five separate brands constantly competing with each other, but only the consumer loses out, says Mike Rutherford

Pininfarina to show Lamborghini Urus rival next year

Pininfarina SUV
News 11 Oct, 2019

All-electric crossover is due to be previewed next year as one of four new models

Audi TT set to morph into all-electric crossover

Audi eTTron render - front
News 11 Oct, 2019

Poor selling Audi TT prepares to transform into a new all-electric SUV. Our exclusive images preview how it could look

Porsche and Boeing announce flying car project

Porsche flying car
News 11 Oct, 2019

Porsche and Boeing have signed an agreement which will see the two companies co-develop and all-electric flying car

Intensive driving courses: the ultimate guide

Prodrive Winter Driving Course
Tips & advice 11 Oct, 2019

Are intensive driving courses a good way to get a driving licence? We guide you through the options to help you pass the practical test.